Shunji Matsuo Scalp Treatment

An interesting thought came to my mind while having a relaxing scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio yesterday.  After the initial scalp balance treatment with a Shisedo product, and a tingling hair wash using Aveda that had a cooling sensation to my whole head, making my whole braincell frozen; came the steaming.  While resting my head on the basin, curls of smoke started swirling around me,  disappearing into the ceiling, like there’s fire being fanned around me.  What conjured up in my mind was opium smoking during the olden days Shanghai, where opium trade was rife during those decadent times.

I was like in the middle of my addiction, lost myself in the smoke around which was actually quite a mesmerising scene.  I inhaled, thank goodness no opium smell, haha.  All these were done in the privacy of a sectioned out wash area.  Outside you could hear loud music being played, and in the quiet of my cubicle I was lost in my tranquility.  With all the chaos and unrests on the Old Shanghai streets, inside was me laying there lost in my ‘opium’ addiction – 15 mins of the head steam and it was done.  Too bad I have forgotton to take a snapshot of the curls and smoke to share here.

It was an amusing experience, relaxing and refreshing, from Shunji Matsuo.



Raining Big Droplets at Changi Airport T1 Departure Hall

This is the latest attraction in newly refurbished Terminal 1, with big droplets dancing up and down very slowly, suspended from the ceiling on very fine wires and computerised with music played in the background forming different shapes & patterns.  There were travellers and locals all around taking pictures and videos, but I find the whole dance is better enjoyed live than videoed.  When I sat down to watch instead of busy taking pictures, the whole show was mesmerising and enjoyable.

Shiroi Kobito Chocolates & other treats from Hokkaido

Tastes nice though a bit sweet, with a thin slice of chocolate (like Lindt) sandwiched between 2 slices of crisp biscuits. There are 2 types I think – Milk and White Chocolate. Good to go with tea. A colleague just came back from Hokkaido, brought us some of these kawaii-wrapped treats from the local Shiroi Kobito Theme Park Chocolate Factory. So Willy Wonker. I like best the抹茶 Matcha Green Tea wafer biscuit, as well as the Firenze & Firenze Tiramisu Chocolate with a whole almond nut inside. Both of these come in green wrappers which initially I thought were candies. Hope I could get these from our local Japanese supermarkets, but it may not taste as good as given by friends.

Once upon a time, I used to like going to Liang Court as there was a Daimaru Department Store there. There were lots of eateries at the basement. Now it seems much emptier, though there are also some Japanese Restaurants, a MEIDI-YA supermarket, a Kinokuniya Bookstore and a lot of Japanese expatriates there with their children doing their shopping. During one of the weekends there at the Tampopo Restaurant which said to serve authentic Black Pig Ramen, saw a game show going on at the centre stage with the deejay talking in Japanese. So entertaining and amusing, as this was my first time watching a Japanese version game show live. It’s a cosy family-oriented shopping mall.

Then there was Yaohan. The one I visited very often during my school days was the Plaza Singapura outlet. I go there specially for my favourite Taiyaki fish-shaped cake with Japanese Red Bean paste. Now the Japanese version is still my favourite, compared to those from Mr Bean and Jollybean. Taiyaki is available at Takashimaya.

Also a Japanese Cartoon “Candy Candy” which I watched during my childhood days. It didn’t finish airing; think it has too many episodes. I remember the protagonist, Little Candy 小甜甜, who’s an orphan, and a handsome boy Anthony 安东尼, whom she loves, but died later.

So much of walking down memory lane just from the few humble Hokkaido treats.

Received: CIAK

So happy to receive a package with the Royal Mail stamp on it, and immediately I knew what’s inside. It was delivered on Christmas Eve and I was so excited when opened to see a shrink-wrapped orange diary inside. Though after found the design not what I expected with Italian & french wordings inside – lunedi, martedi, mercoledi, gennaio, febbraio etc… The seller was very nice to allow me to exchange, but considering the recent freak winter in Europe leading to airports shutting down and flights being cancelled or delayed, I decided I should appreciate that my order arrived in good conditon, when there were other orders not delivered on time. Anyway, I’m starting to love my CIAK diary, as long as I could understand the English words, and it’s in a colour I like.

Now when comparing my previous diaries and the new CIAK, I realised the differences. At the back of my new CIAK, there’s the wordings “Handmade in Italy”, while my old ones were imprinted “Paperchase”. And the front cover of CIAK is blank, while Paperchase version had the year 2010 on it. I have all along been getting it from Borders, but they no longer bring in this year. Other than these differences, overall both designs look very similar with also an elastic band in the centre.

Texas Chicken is Back

Wow, Texas Chicken is back in Singapore after 30 over years, remembering those times when I frequented the Wisma Atria & Robinson Road outlets regularly with my mom during my young girl days. Even before we stepped into the shopping mall, the aroma was already there welcoming us. Ever since then I have always preferred Texas to KFC, then suddenly it disappeared from our local scene for whatever reasons I do not know. When Wendy’s reopens recently, there was an article written in The Straits Times, I even dropped an email to the journalist telling her about Texas Chicken. In fact, before that, I have also put a note in the Texas website asking them to come back, haha. And now, I didn’t even know there were already 5 outlets here, only when I happened on the Tampines Mall outlet during my lunch time at Kopitiam. I was so astonished and glad at the same time. For so many years, I have always wondered whether I’ll still get to taste it.

I have forgotten how it tasted like so many years ago other than that aroma, but definitely good enough for me to want them back. Now I like the spicy version, which you can really taste its spiciness. Skin is crispy and not as oily and fat as the KFC version where you can see a yellow layer beneath. The standard 2-pc set comes with 1 cup of mashed potato, a piece of rock bun kind of biscuit which is soft to the bite; plus one soft drink. Though the price is higher than KFC, I still like this combination better, as I do not like eating coleslaw.

This time it will be me bringing my mom, reminiscing old times and walking memory lane.   Though Wisma Atria is still around at Orchard Road, Texas Chicken is no longer at the same place, so will explore new locations now.

Ciak Diary

Time really flies; it’s coming to end of an old year, and stepping into a new one. Time to go get a new 2011 diary, the same design I had since 2008 – the Paperchase CIAK range, which I always get from Borders. But this year they are no longer carrying it, instead other ring and hard cover types with butterflies and prints are being displayed; as well as the moleskin type. So decided to order from Amazon online, and now am waiting for its delivery. I just like the feel of my small diary about 9 by 13cm in size that comes bound with an elastic band in the centre. I like also its day per page diary layout, which I could use for writing notes as well. It comes in different colours too – red, orange, purple, black, blue and more. My 2008 one was a pink, 2009 think I had missed getting it, 2010 only the black was left; and now I ordered an orange, so it will brighten up my day and from within my bag. Now I’ll just have to wait patiently for my order to be delivered from Glueballs.

My Blog

Back to the basic in the blogging world.  Starting to feel the pinch maintaining a professionally hosted website, though I do feel a little sad letting it go.  The exchange rate conversion is pretty high, and also I do not always have ideas of what to write so decide to cancel it, anyway letting the site go idle for couple of months not having any contributions may just invite the spiders to come spin their webs around it, haha.  I have thought I could keep the theme and transfer it to my current blog, but seems mission impossible.  Perhaps I just don’t know how to go about doing it. Anyway, in my current free blog, I will still continue sharing about what I read, but with lesser stress if I have mental block and not able to compose anything eloquent out. Just hope that gradually I will know how to improve this blog.