The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)

What an interesting read of fantasy, adventures, and all the exciting happenings encountered during the long and difficult journey to slay the magnificent dragon, Smaug, and reclaim all the jewels and gold to where they belong.  I like the style the story was narrated, which was easy to follow.  Enjoyed every page just like how I have enjoyed reading the Trilogy, that was in 2008.  Thanks to Bookcrossing, I have make a note on my BC profile of the books read, so now I remember.  Never thought I could finish Lord of the Rings, yet now after The Hobbit, it makes me want to continue with the Fellowship of the Ring.  So… that was how that precious came into Bilbo’s possession, and what happened long long time ago before Frodo.

I admired Tolkien’s rich imagination to come up with all these stories, and also the wordings of those songs and riddles in the pages – very amusing and chuckling.

I’m now looking forward to watch the movie, to see all the action of Thorin, the son of Tharin, and the grandson of Thror’s quest, together with his dwarvish companions – Balin, the fat Bombur, Fili and Kili, Ori and Oin etc… with Bilbo and Gandalf, how with their friends they battle with the trolls, spiders, elves, goblins & host of wargs.  So far, this is one classic I like the  most.

Here’s the trailer, couldn’t wait to watch the movie in Dec.


Operation Valkyrie

Had Stauffenberg suceeded in his attempt of assassinating Hitler, he would have been able to reunite with his wife and children and perhaps lived to a ripe old age, like his wife till 96.  In the movie, Valkyrie, he didn’t get to see them after sending them away for safety, and was executed by the firing squad.  Remembered having read from somewhere on this piece of history, and make a note to get the book to read, but instead watched the film adaptation first.  Glad I didn’t missed watching this Sunday movie on ch5.  Was flipping through the Straits Times, and the name Stauffenberg caught my eye.  The movie was exciting and filled with suspense.  The part when Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg asked to be able to change his shirt in the room, and what happened in the room makes me sit on edge, esp when  the guard outside suddenly opened the door and nearly saw what he was doing with the explosives.  Another scene was when Stauffenberg called his comrades and asked whether to proceed with the assassination, he was put on hold, and his message was passed from one to another.  I wonder why so many people involved in the operation, and worried the message might be passed wrongly.  There are also some areas which I find quite funny – all the briefcases underneath the table are similar in colour and design.  Overall, I have enjoyed watching the film adaptation, now I just want to get the book to read, and perhaps watched it again after.  Oh yes, how come in the movie, his eyeball can be removed and put back?