Expresso? Nope, but Civet Coffee

This is how my Kopi Luwak looks like – the world most expensive coffee.  It looks to me like a bowl of Chinese brewed medicine.  How does it taste?  The cafe staff said it will be better to drink it original without any sugar, so that one can feel the lingering tastes in the mouth before swallowing.  Nothing special, it tastes bitter sour, a little better after adding half packet of sugar, but still bitter sour.  The coffee taste is not strong.  I still prefer those that brewed from Java beans, bitter and strong in aroma.

Will I have Kopi Luwak again?  Maybe but it’s a bit pricey @ SGD$26.90 per cup, size as shown in the image.  The porcelain cup looks expensive to me.

Try it.  It’s really not that scary, thinking the coffee berries are being eaten by civet cats and passed out through their digestive system.  Just like some who dislike the taste of durians or fermented beancured may think it’s smelly, while there are people who love the king of fruits.


Texas Chicken is Back

Wow, Texas Chicken is back in Singapore after 30 over years, remembering those times when I frequented the Wisma Atria & Robinson Road outlets regularly with my mom during my young girl days. Even before we stepped into the shopping mall, the aroma was already there welcoming us. Ever since then I have always preferred Texas to KFC, then suddenly it disappeared from our local scene for whatever reasons I do not know. When Wendy’s reopens recently, there was an article written in The Straits Times, I even dropped an email to the journalist telling her about Texas Chicken. In fact, before that, I have also put a note in the Texas website asking them to come back, haha. And now, I didn’t even know there were already 5 outlets here, only when I happened on the Tampines Mall outlet during my lunch time at Kopitiam. I was so astonished and glad at the same time. For so many years, I have always wondered whether I’ll still get to taste it.

I have forgotten how it tasted like so many years ago other than that aroma, but definitely good enough for me to want them back. Now I like the spicy version, which you can really taste its spiciness. Skin is crispy and not as oily and fat as the KFC version where you can see a yellow layer beneath. The standard 2-pc set comes with 1 cup of mashed potato, a piece of rock bun kind of biscuit which is soft to the bite; plus one soft drink. Though the price is higher than KFC, I still like this combination better, as I do not like eating coleslaw.

This time it will be me bringing my mom, reminiscing old times and walking memory lane.   Though Wisma Atria is still around at Orchard Road, Texas Chicken is no longer at the same place, so will explore new locations now.

Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert

This is a must-try for all dessert lovers if you visit Hong Kong – Mango Ice Cream dessert with Pomelo & Sago.  I didn’t know there’s actually ice cream inside.  I had mine at the popular Hui Lau San Healthy Dessert stall located at 西洋菜街#58-60, near to Women’s Street.  It’s HK$29 a bowl.  The generous portion of the pomelo and its slight bitter taste makes the dessert all the more yummy and special.

There used to be an outlet in Singapore Orchard Road near to Palais Renaissance, but it’s closed down even befor I had a chance to visit.  This was the dessert I have heard about so much and got so excited when I finally tried it.  It has become so popular that there are some restaurants here selling too.  And surprisingly after a search on the internet found that the dessert was in fact originated from my own country, created by a Hong Kong-born chef here in 1987, and brought over to Hong Kong.  And yet I got to taste it in Hong Kong, haha.  Since now I know we have it here, I can enjoy it more often.

My New Love – Muesli Cereal

This was my first time having muesli, and I’m hooked. Never heard of muesli cereal other than those bar type. The cold muesli I had at Hotel Panorama Hong Kong during breakfast was simply delicious. There were choice of raisins and walnuts as toppings. I loved it so much I didn’t even mind having it every day. Now back home and I’m craving for it. Want to get my own packet yet not sure how to prepare them. I only know how to eat, haha. Do I prepare it the same way as instant Quaker Oats or cereal – just by adding milk? Or I can swop the milk with yogurt instead?  Realize it’s not as widely available in the supermarkets as Quaker Oatmeal and Cereals.

Happened on this brand at NTUC – Brookfarm Toasted Macadamia Muesli, but there’s no instruction on the packaging on how to prepare. I wonder are there also yogurt pack style, where we can just open and eat for convenience and people lazy like me.  Hope my own version will be as nice as the Hotel one I tried.