Sunday Salon: Meg Cabot in Singapore

The author of The Princess Diaries was in town last week and I have missed it. She was here as part of a month-long publicity tour that includes Britain, Sweden, South Africa, Hong Kong and Thailand. In fact, I’ve never read her Princess Diaries series before, or any of her other books, but she seems to be very popular among the teenagers & young adults from what the paper says and they enjoy the humour and romance in her writing. She’s here at Borders for a book-signing session last Mon, and I came to know about it only through yesterday’s papers.

Some of her fans like her Mediator series, about a 16 year old girl by the name of Suzie Simon who helps ghosts resolve their worldly issues so that they can move on to the next life. Wasn’t this what I hv recently read by Heather Graham on paranormal stuff? It intrigues me in wanting to go get the whole series to read, though I’m not really a teenager and I’m not sure whether will I like them 😉

And ironically now when I come to know about her and her books, she said she’s ending The Princess Diaries with its last volume, which is the 10th of the series. Prob it’s also not a bad thing in that I can quickly grab hold of them and read before her new book comes out. I’m not sure whether I will like them as much as the youngsters, but I’m going to the library on Mon to try to get whatever i can find.

This blog is written on Sunday night, and while writing and editing the clock is ticking away quietly, until when I realised the lateness it’s already the next day.