Sunday Salon: Children’s Books

Rekindling old interests perhaps – bought some children’s books during Border’s Ultimate Kids’ Collection week, with a “Buy-2-get-1-free for children’s books, music, movies and toys promotion.

Bought some Roald Dahl’s books:  “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and its sequel “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr Fox and E.B. White’s “Stuart Little”.  Love the illustrations inside and admired the artists for their ability in drawing freehand which seems so easy – just reading the story and immediately knows what to draw.  Got a copy of the full colour edition of “Charlotte’s Web” as well, attracted first by its watercolour cover then the pages inside, out of all the black and white versions.

Didn’t quite like Stuart Little’s ending.  Did he find Margalo and the two went on their own adventures?  It’s weird having a human family with a mouse as a son, but it’s interesting read nonetheless.  Think the few mouse I could recall from the literary world was Ratatoulle and Mr Jingles.  And now Stuart Little, and another one I just befriended – Despereaux.

Mr Fox story was also fantastic read, about how with his wits outsmarted the three greedy and loathsome farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean with some digga-digga-dig antics, saving his animal friends from starvation and enjoying a big feast in the end.  I like Mr Blake’s floor to ceiling shelves’ drawings in this book illustrating the enormous amount of geese, ducks and bacons filled to the brim, as well as the one on huge shed teeming with chickens.  Not just that, but also the tunnels and the big feast at the end with different animals sitting round a big table.  So impressive.

What came to my mind while reading about Mr Wonker’s Chocolate Factory was the Cadbury Chocolate’s TV ad, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world is Cadbury…”,  with every single thing made of chocolate, even the people.  Wonder how they could break and eat everything except themselves, haha.  Oh yes, those songs by the Oompaloompas  on those mischievious children were interesting too, plus the moral behind.

I didn’t used to know about all these authors and books, now catching up on all the children’s stories.

Anyway,  just came back with another two – “Matilda” and “The Witches”.  Read from Amazon that the first was one of his last books, and the 2nd one which the grandmother character was based on the author’s mom – a tribute to her.  Hope I’ll be able to finish reading all Roald Dahl’s books to know more about him.