Sunday Salon: Mr Paddington came to visit

 Someone very polite came knocking on our door yesterday, wearing a floppy hat and carrying a battered suitcase filled with surprises.  He’d travelled all alone from Australia. Was so happy he visited before he goes off again to his next destination we spent the day chatting about his past, where he was originally from and also about the Brown family he stayed with.  He also talked alot about his Aunt Lucy whom he writes to everywhere he goes.  Wow, what an adventurous bear he is. Friendly too.

He brought along an audio CD with 4 stories inside, read by Stephen Fry, which I listened to during bedtime. I really enjoyed it, listening to the details over and over again. The reading was very clear and I like that he could differentiate his voice to represent different characters. I especially enjoyed listening about Paddington performing some magic tricks and another one about having his pic taken by a photographer behind a black box with curtain and him giving the latter a hard stare when he asked for more pennies 😛

This is my first audio book, and find it to be very entertaining indeed. When I feel tired reading word for word in a normal book, i could close my eyes and just listened to the audio instead. I find myself liking Paddington more than the Pooh bear now.