The Magical World of Fairy Tales & Fantasies

tinkerbell Do you believe in fairies? It’s said that a fairy is born from a baby’s first laugh, but if the child grows up to not believe in fairies, than somewhere there will be a fairy who dies. Not long after Wendy, Michael and John left the Neverland, Tinker Bell died. Probably somewhere there’s a child who denounce the existence of fairies. Could this child be the one whose first laugh gave birth to this fairy who mends pots and pans? Hmm…

Interesting tour of the magical world of tea parties, grinning cats and all sorts of weird-looking people. It must be fun to fly with Peter Pan, live in houses underground, and have all the adventures with the lost boys. But won’t they get bored after having one adventure after another in the same place and always the same size? Though they will always be the same, but will they die? One of their adventures was flying back with Wendy and her bros and grow up like normal children. Will they still have the childlike innocence in them though becoming adults? I believe writers and Illustrators of children’s books sure have the childlike and imaginative spirit in them, that’s why so many magical stories unfold.

Through my growing up years, I never read much of children’s books about the magical world, fairy tales, or fantasy. I only remember a time when I was very into reading a series of Chinese science fiction by a Hong Kong writer, Ni Kwang. The hero in the stories is a a guy named Wisely, who has many strange encounters and adventures with the unknown.

Now I’m having an escapade into the world of Narnia. I’m planning to read as many children’s and young adult’s adventures, and watch as many film adaptations if I can.


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