Shunji Matsuo Scalp Treatment

An interesting thought came to my mind while having a relaxing scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio yesterday.  After the initial scalp balance treatment with a Shisedo product, and a tingling hair wash using Aveda that had a cooling sensation to my whole head, making my whole braincell frozen; came the steaming.  While resting my head on the basin, curls of smoke started swirling around me,  disappearing into the ceiling, like there’s fire being fanned around me.  What conjured up in my mind was opium smoking during the olden days Shanghai, where opium trade was rife during those decadent times.

I was like in the middle of my addiction, lost myself in the smoke around which was actually quite a mesmerising scene.  I inhaled, thank goodness no opium smell, haha.  All these were done in the privacy of a sectioned out wash area.  Outside you could hear loud music being played, and in the quiet of my cubicle I was lost in my tranquility.  With all the chaos and unrests on the Old Shanghai streets, inside was me laying there lost in my ‘opium’ addiction – 15 mins of the head steam and it was done.  Too bad I have forgotton to take a snapshot of the curls and smoke to share here.

It was an amusing experience, relaxing and refreshing, from Shunji Matsuo.