Farewell, Borders

Time to say goodbye and I’m feeling so sad. Borders will be closing its remaining store here today, and the brand name will go into history. The store has been having storewide 20%, 50% & 70% discounts to clear all the stock.  Ever since the news of the closure was out, and the Judicial Manager said the fate of the store will depend on how much they can get from all the Sales they were running, I have been visiting all the sales, trying to see what I could buy to help in some small ways, hoping my fave store will stay.

So far I have acquired about 20 books, from Roald Dahl to John Grisham to Jane Austen guide and authors I never knew. And the last book I just bought yesterday was “buried in Books”, a reader’s anthology by Julie Rugg. Ever since Borders came to Singapore, I have started buying books which I had seldom done before. It had also ignited in me the interests in reading and started me in my Bookcrossing hobby. I have a lot of books on my shelf which are acquired from Borders, now the goood memory will be with me.

In fact, I was previously still hopeful that the store could be saved, but my every visit to the store seeing the shelves from having less titles, to becoming emptier, to seeing some areas being cordoned till the whole store space becoming so empty and no longer look like a bookstore makes me feel really sad.

You may be wondering it’s just a bookstore, but don’t think I will feel the same loss if it’s other bookstores closing.   Just find Borders more family oriented, and the way books are being displayed make reading much more fun.

All the Best to you, Borders.  Hope you will come back one day.


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