Shiroi Kobito Chocolates & other treats from Hokkaido

Tastes nice though a bit sweet, with a thin slice of chocolate (like Lindt) sandwiched between 2 slices of crisp biscuits. There are 2 types I think – Milk and White Chocolate. Good to go with tea. A colleague just came back from Hokkaido, brought us some of these kawaii-wrapped treats from the local Shiroi Kobito Theme Park Chocolate Factory. So Willy Wonker. I like best the抹茶 Matcha Green Tea wafer biscuit, as well as the Firenze & Firenze Tiramisu Chocolate with a whole almond nut inside. Both of these come in green wrappers which initially I thought were candies. Hope I could get these from our local Japanese supermarkets, but it may not taste as good as given by friends.

Once upon a time, I used to like going to Liang Court as there was a Daimaru Department Store there. There were lots of eateries at the basement. Now it seems much emptier, though there are also some Japanese Restaurants, a MEIDI-YA supermarket, a Kinokuniya Bookstore and a lot of Japanese expatriates there with their children doing their shopping. During one of the weekends there at the Tampopo Restaurant which said to serve authentic Black Pig Ramen, saw a game show going on at the centre stage with the deejay talking in Japanese. So entertaining and amusing, as this was my first time watching a Japanese version game show live. It’s a cosy family-oriented shopping mall.

Then there was Yaohan. The one I visited very often during my school days was the Plaza Singapura outlet. I go there specially for my favourite Taiyaki fish-shaped cake with Japanese Red Bean paste. Now the Japanese version is still my favourite, compared to those from Mr Bean and Jollybean. Taiyaki is available at Takashimaya.

Also a Japanese Cartoon “Candy Candy” which I watched during my childhood days. It didn’t finish airing; think it has too many episodes. I remember the protagonist, Little Candy 小甜甜, who’s an orphan, and a handsome boy Anthony 安东尼, whom she loves, but died later.

So much of walking down memory lane just from the few humble Hokkaido treats.


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