Received: CIAK

So happy to receive a package with the Royal Mail stamp on it, and immediately I knew what’s inside. It was delivered on Christmas Eve and I was so excited when opened to see a shrink-wrapped orange diary inside. Though after found the design not what I expected with Italian & french wordings inside – lunedi, martedi, mercoledi, gennaio, febbraio etc… The seller was very nice to allow me to exchange, but considering the recent freak winter in Europe leading to airports shutting down and flights being cancelled or delayed, I decided I should appreciate that my order arrived in good conditon, when there were other orders not delivered on time. Anyway, I’m starting to love my CIAK diary, as long as I could understand the English words, and it’s in a colour I like.

Now when comparing my previous diaries and the new CIAK, I realised the differences. At the back of my new CIAK, there’s the wordings “Handmade in Italy”, while my old ones were imprinted “Paperchase”. And the front cover of CIAK is blank, while Paperchase version had the year 2010 on it. I have all along been getting it from Borders, but they no longer bring in this year. Other than these differences, overall both designs look very similar with also an elastic band in the centre.


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