Texas Chicken is Back

Wow, Texas Chicken is back in Singapore after 30 over years, remembering those times when I frequented the Wisma Atria & Robinson Road outlets regularly with my mom during my young girl days. Even before we stepped into the shopping mall, the aroma was already there welcoming us. Ever since then I have always preferred Texas to KFC, then suddenly it disappeared from our local scene for whatever reasons I do not know. When Wendy’s reopens recently, there was an article written in The Straits Times, I even dropped an email to the journalist telling her about Texas Chicken. In fact, before that, I have also put a note in the Texas website asking them to come back, haha. And now, I didn’t even know there were already 5 outlets here, only when I happened on the Tampines Mall outlet during my lunch time at Kopitiam. I was so astonished and glad at the same time. For so many years, I have always wondered whether I’ll still get to taste it.

I have forgotten how it tasted like so many years ago other than that aroma, but definitely good enough for me to want them back. Now I like the spicy version, which you can really taste its spiciness. Skin is crispy and not as oily and fat as the KFC version where you can see a yellow layer beneath. The standard 2-pc set comes with 1 cup of mashed potato, a piece of rock bun kind of biscuit which is soft to the bite; plus one soft drink. Though the price is higher than KFC, I still like this combination better, as I do not like eating coleslaw.

This time it will be me bringing my mom, reminiscing old times and walking memory lane.   Though Wisma Atria is still around at Orchard Road, Texas Chicken is no longer at the same place, so will explore new locations now.


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