Ciak Diary

Time really flies; it’s coming to end of an old year, and stepping into a new one. Time to go get a new 2011 diary, the same design I had since 2008 – the Paperchase CIAK range, which I always get from Borders. But this year they are no longer carrying it, instead other ring and hard cover types with butterflies and prints are being displayed; as well as the moleskin type. So decided to order from Amazon online, and now am waiting for its delivery. I just like the feel of my small diary about 9 by 13cm in size that comes bound with an elastic band in the centre. I like also its day per page diary layout, which I could use for writing notes as well. It comes in different colours too – red, orange, purple, black, blue and more. My 2008 one was a pink, 2009 think I had missed getting it, 2010 only the black was left; and now I ordered an orange, so it will brighten up my day and from within my bag. Now I’ll just have to wait patiently for my order to be delivered from Glueballs.


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