Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert

This is a must-try for all dessert lovers if you visit Hong Kong – Mango Ice Cream dessert with Pomelo & Sago.  I didn’t know there’s actually ice cream inside.  I had mine at the popular Hui Lau San Healthy Dessert stall located at 西洋菜街#58-60, near to Women’s Street.  It’s HK$29 a bowl.  The generous portion of the pomelo and its slight bitter taste makes the dessert all the more yummy and special.

There used to be an outlet in Singapore Orchard Road near to Palais Renaissance, but it’s closed down even befor I had a chance to visit.  This was the dessert I have heard about so much and got so excited when I finally tried it.  It has become so popular that there are some restaurants here selling too.  And surprisingly after a search on the internet found that the dessert was in fact originated from my own country, created by a Hong Kong-born chef here in 1987, and brought over to Hong Kong.  And yet I got to taste it in Hong Kong, haha.  Since now I know we have it here, I can enjoy it more often.


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