My New Love – Muesli Cereal

This was my first time having muesli, and I’m hooked. Never heard of muesli cereal other than those bar type. The cold muesli I had at Hotel Panorama Hong Kong during breakfast was simply delicious. There were choice of raisins and walnuts as toppings. I loved it so much I didn’t even mind having it every day. Now back home and I’m craving for it. Want to get my own packet yet not sure how to prepare them. I only know how to eat, haha. Do I prepare it the same way as instant Quaker Oats or cereal – just by adding milk? Or I can swop the milk with yogurt instead?  Realize it’s not as widely available in the supermarkets as Quaker Oatmeal and Cereals.

Happened on this brand at NTUC – Brookfarm Toasted Macadamia Muesli, but there’s no instruction on the packaging on how to prepare. I wonder are there also yogurt pack style, where we can just open and eat for convenience and people lazy like me.  Hope my own version will be as nice as the Hotel one I tried.


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