Duolos: Bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope

I had a wonderful time today.  It’s really nice to be able to meet up with fellow bookcrossers from other countries whom you have always been exchanging books with but never met.  And today I got this chance.  Duolos, the oldest passenger ship came to dock at Keppel Marina.  And one of the crew members on board, Carlienka, who’s a bookcrosser from South Africa happened to have finished reading a bookring book due to me.   We arranged to meet up at Vivo City, and we had an enjoyable time chatting over coffee & cakes at Pacific Coffee; and after that being the good host, she showed me around Duolos, though now it’s already quite empty without any books but only empty shelves all covered up, with boxes and stuff all over the place ready to be packed and shipped away.  Duolos has been decommissioned, but I’m still happy I got to visit the ship before it goes to dock in Tuas awaiting what’s next for him.  Of course I hope that it will continue to travel and bring knowledge, help and hope at every port he docks; and bring the joy of reading to all the people in different parts of the world.  If there’s an international fair here again, I’ll be sure not to miss it when time comes.

Thanks to Carlienka for showing me around, and sharing stories of crew members serving on board the ship for many many years, and making the ship their home.  I had a good time on board, and had enjoyed the dinner with Carlienka’s family and other crew members.  Thanks to the chef too, who’s also from South Africa.  We may never meet again, but the good memory will be with me.  Thanks to all.  God Bless.


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