Sunday Salon: Fantasy and Fairytale

I used to like reading about Dr Scarpetta and her niece, but recently borrowed ‘Black Notice’ from the Library only managed to get through few chapters until the part about the forensic doc  shouting at Lucy and her girlfriend before driving off crying I gave up.  The plots are always similar, both aunt and niece never see eye to eye and I’m starting to dislike Lucy’s attitude.  I had even wanted to return before the Nov-23 due date but only yesterday then remembered to dig out from the clutters on my desk.   These days when I see thick books they scare me a bit.  Either I will read very slowly or I don’t read them immediately until the day my reading mood comes when I can finish it in one sitting, or at least keep me going for few chapters at one go.

Another 2 both recommended from a colleague, about spiritual awakening and seeking one’s destiny kind of stuff by Robin Sharma, whom he said had visited Singapore before yet I’ve never heard of him until now.  Started on ‘Discover your Destiny with the Monk who Sold His Ferrari’, gave up after only first few pages – tough read, too philosophical.  My first impression of the author’s name was he’s some kind of yoga guru though lawyer in profession and his book is very similar to Paulo Coelho’s writings.  Perhaps I just do not like reading self-help or motivation leadership kind of stuff.  My colleague said his first book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ was better, which I agree after reading – like a story, but after the chapter about the protagonist climbing the mountain to find the great holy sages of Sivana to attain enlightenment I stopped.  The name of the monk was called Yogi.

Despite the above unsuccessful reads, glad I finished reading ‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman, who was here few weeks ago with his girlfriend attending the Singapore Writer’s Festival.  This was enjoyable, like something out of Harry Potter & Aladdin with a lot of creative imaginations and magical adventures.  I have mailed it out to the next reader in Bookcrossing, hope she will have a fairytale Christmas reading it.  Will start on ‘The Constant Princess’ by Philippa Gregory soon but erm…. waiting for the mood 😛 


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