Have a Little Faith

Found out from our local ‘Popular’ bookstore that Mitch Albom has written a new book ‘Have A Little Faith’.  I was queuing at the cashier’s counter waiting to pay for my purchase, and saw the ‘order-placing’ sign with a small transparent holder containing some forms inside.

I like this author’s books which are not just easy read, but there are also things to learn from his sincere writing.  I love especially ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ and ‘For One More Day’ which are both very touching and heartwarming.  I have got a copy of most of his books, including the ‘5 People You Meet in Heaven’.  I’m looking forward to reading this new book about Faith, but will have to wait till there are smaller copies instead of the current hardcover.


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  1. I had the opportunity recently to receive an advanced copy of Mitch’s Albom’s forthcoming book, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH.  I’ve been a fan of his books since TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, and have been anticipating this – his first non-fiction book – since its release. 

    In a nutshell, Mitch profiles two people:  a rabbi who he has been asked to write a eulogy for, and an inner-city convict turned pastor.  Two very different worlds, two very different religions, but one strongly shared similarity :  FAITH. 

    This book REALLY made me think about my OWN spirituality and what faith means to me these days. It really opens your mind to the bigger picture of faith.  The question Albom asks is:  “what if faith wasn’t what divided us, but what brought us together?”  In a world where SOOO many wars are started in the name of religion and holier-than-thou attitudes prevail amongst so many different groups, it seems like all of our problems would be solved if only we could just say, “Hey, I have faith, you have faith…however we get there doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we both BELIEVE.”  Doing good for others is sometimes the greatest way to experience pure joy.  If we all gave a little more of ourselves unselfishly, I do believe that peace would prevail.

    This book is REALLY a good read. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! And I really think you should order the hard copy – its well-worth getting it that much earlier!

  2. Back again. Just wanted to let you – and your readers know – that you can get book excerpts for HAVE A LITTLE FAITH on Mitch Albom’s website at http://www.mitchalbom.com.

    There are also really cool discussions based on the book, a video and all sorts of other info.

    Can’t wait for the book to come out so we can all discuss it!

  3. Yeah, have linked the author’s site to my blog too. Just back from Borders but didn’t see the title. Just the other day on my way to work saw someone reading from a kindle on the bus. Wow, my first and wonder how good is that new gadget. I nearly wanted to say to him “hey, that’s a kindle right?” 😀

  4. Yes, it’s indeed a good read, finished in a sitting. I got the book from Borders in the morning and finished reading in the night. Haven’t yet write my review though…keep tuned.

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