Creative TV Commercials

I find the latest Cadbury TV Commercial with 2 kids wriggling their eyebrow very funny.  Wonder did they really do that or just another computer gimmick like the Evian Roller-skating babies?  There’s now even a contest going on for those who want to try doing the eyebrow-wriggling in front of TV and win cash prizes + goodie bags + camera + printer.  Seeing all the videos of their funny actions is real hilarious, but some are pretty impressive.   Though I do not know what have the ads got to do with the products but it’s still very entertaining.   There’s another one I like – the Heineken Ad with the walk-in room filled with chilling beer.  This is very creative ad.  I prefer the beer room and see those guys jumping up and down and clapping their hands – this is amusing.  What about a walk-in library with shelves and shelves of books and moving ladders, haha 😀


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