Shanghai – Rest and Relax cum Shopping & Gastronomical trips

There were days we didn’t go anywhere but stayed indoor watching TV programmes, eating in and resting, since it was a month travel and there were elderly with us we chose to go out 2 days rest a day kind of schedule – free and easy & no rush just like back home in Singapore.

Sometimes we took turns to do marketing at the nearby supermarkets, such as Auchan 欧尚 (in Kunshan), Walmart 沃尔玛 (Kunshan) Tesco (Shanghai) and a 大润发 (Kunshan) for our daily cooking needs. We bought breads for breakfast, meat and vegetables to do our own cooking. There are many shopping centres and supermarkets around, but you must remember to bring your own shopping bags, as all supermarkets there do not provide them, unless you ask and pay for it. They are really into the green movement thingy.

In Singapore we have the BYOBD (Bring Our Own Bag Day) which used to be every Wed, but over in China it’s every day. A few times we forgot so instead of buying the bags, we just carried our buys in our hands, anyway we were staying just behind the supermarket. This was in Shanghai.

On days we visit our relatives, they are very hospitable and always invited us to stay for dinner and would prepare lots of dishes until we are all so stuffed up, having no more strength to travel. Of course, seeing us finished the dishes make them pleased. Other times they would treat us to restaurants food, no wonder all my pimples started popping out on my chin – too much good food every day – and getting fatter.  We eat everywhere we go.


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