Bing Xin 冰心 (Oct-5 1900 – Feb-28 1999 )

Didn’t bring any books to read during this one month of travelling (Apr 2009), yet couldn’t resist going into bookstores to touch and feel the smell of them.  But most of the shops I visited are selling Chinese books.  The only stuff I get to read are maps and newspapers.

Bought one on 冰心 Bing Xin’s collection of writings for young readers.  She was one of the most prolific and esteemed Chinese writers of the 20th century whose writings I like.

Will be back end of the month.  My mailbox may already be filled with book packages from Bookcrossing awaiting my return to read them.


2 Responses

  1. i was encouraged to read Bing Xin when by my P6 mandarin teacher. Love the way she tells her childhood stories in a boy’s perspective… For a long time, i tot the Bing Xin is a man, no internet then, cant google to check 🙂

  2. She was one of the Chinese authors I knew, and started on her collections also because of her motherly look 🙂 I have some of her collections, as well as literatures by Zhu Zi Qing, perhaps you also read him. Thanks to your comment, reminds me to not just read English but Chinese classics/lits.

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