Shanghai trip – back home 25-Apr’09

Back from a 1-mth China trip to a 31 °C humid here. Phew! So hot compared to the cold air there, where we wore windbreakers & sweaters in the day and snuggling in bed under quilts at night.  Holiday is never enough.  Seemed like yesterday I just arrived at Pudong Airport and being welcomed by the cold air once stepping out into the open. And now I’m back to the humidity here. How I missed the place and weather there though cold. Well, I think it’s still better than perspiring here.

This trip has indeed been a rewarding and educating one besides being entertaining & mouth-watering, having visited so many historical places of interests in Kunshan, Suzhou, Wusi, Shanghai and Ningbo meeting people from different cultures & lifestyles, and trying out different food everywhere we go. We are very blessed to have our relatives & cousins and their driving friends with us and thankful for their accommodation and transport arrangement, saving us more expenses and hassle in travelling around up & down.

In Shanghai, We had also explore on our own by legs and taking MRTs & buses. Oh yes, from Shanghai it took only 18-mins to travel to Kunshan via Bullet Train. Perhaps next time I should go further places so as to enjoy the experience longer.

Visited some bookstores selling only Chinese books. Later was told by a cousin that there’s a very big book mall further up at 福州路(Fuzhou road), near to 南京路步行街(Nanjing Road Business Walking Street, a place filled with shopping malls, small shops and restaurants where tourists and locals go for shopping trips) and 上海滩(The Bund). As it’s getting late and approaching dinner time, in the end I gave it a miss. And the next day as there are more places to explore, so alas! I didn’t make it this trip.

Flew back Sat watching 2 movies on the plane – ‘Last Chance Harvey’, a sweet romantic & heart-warming comedy and another ‘Bride Wars’ about 2 brides fighting and trying to ruin each other’s wedding plans and preparations so to be able to throw their wedding in their most dreamed hotel ballroom on the same day at the same time. The mischief they played on each other makes me chuckle, while thinking could such things really happen for real. Though not really into chick lit, watching one is definitely more enjoyable than reading it. As for ‘Last Chance Harvey’, the part where Dustin Hoffman’s character as a father gave a speech at his daughter’s wedding, it’s so heartfelt and touching that it brought tears to my eyes. Emma Thomson’s neurotic mother on screen was also quite funny, the way she keeps hiding behind the curtain looking at the neighbour’s doing, thinking he’s a psychopath. Both comedies are very sweet & entertaining, glad it kept my 5-hrs on flight not bored.



Bing Xin 冰心 (Oct-5 1900 – Feb-28 1999 )

Didn’t bring any books to read during this one month of travelling (Apr 2009), yet couldn’t resist going into bookstores to touch and feel the smell of them.  But most of the shops I visited are selling Chinese books.  The only stuff I get to read are maps and newspapers.

Bought one on 冰心 Bing Xin’s collection of writings for young readers.  She was one of the most prolific and esteemed Chinese writers of the 20th century whose writings I like.

Will be back end of the month.  My mailbox may already be filled with book packages from Bookcrossing awaiting my return to read them.