Sunday Salon: Alias Grace & Other Good Reads

Haven’t been writing anything in the Sunday Salon for a while, but the past weeks have been good, as I have read some good books though a bit slow.  Am currently reading a psychological thriller ‘We, the Accused’ by Ernest Raymond, received from a UK bookcrosser as part of a book ring.  She highly recommended it and said couldn’t bear not to share it with other readers, so I hope our tastes in literature will cross in this book.  Have just started it today and when seeing the name Ian Holm and his photo on the cover as Paul Presset in the BBC –TV adaptation, found the name to be very familiar just couldn’t recall who he was.  Only few pages after and looking at the picture again then I realised it’s that pipe-loving and merry Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Ring.  He looked so different wearing the suit.

Finished reading a historical fiction ‘Alias Grace’ by Margaret Atwood this morning, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now Atwood is one of my favourite authors as I have come to like her smooth writing style.  Thanks to this book I came to know about this piece of history, and even did some internet search to know more about the case.  I was so engrossed in Atwood’s fictionalized writing until I thought what’s written was true, only to know from the Author’s Afterword that in reality some of the real facts were not known.  If you have read the book, what do you think of Grace?  Did you think she’s a good actress or her memory loss was real, and she really suffered from scizo / split personality and sleepwalking disorder and was possessed?  Or she was just a great pretender?

Also read ‘Confessions of a Yakuza’ by Junichi Saga, about the Japan Underworld before WWII.  Have wanted also to get Yakuza Moon, but no stock at Borders, was intrigued after seeing the author Shoko Tendo’s full body tattoo.  But this is also fascinating read with detailed narration of the life during those times and how the yakuza works.  If you like writings by Japanese authors, this is a good read though the Japanese names can be difficult to remember, which I had to keep referring back.

Besides the above, there are 3 more bookcrossing books TBR and passed on before going on my vacation in April.  These are

  1. Total Silence by T. J. MacGregor
  2. Last Known Victim by Erica Spindlier, and
  3. The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol.

There’s another one more coming in, so hopefully I can receive it soon.  “Sigh” so many books and so little time.

What about you?  Any books you have been reading for the past weeks which are interesting?

Actually, I didn’t know today is International Women’s Day only after reading one of the blogs in The Sunday Salon.  Anyway, I wish all women out there who face multiple challenges at home and at work grace and beauty always.

Cheers to a Happy International Women’s Day and Week ahead.