My Discovery Land Experience

It’s our cell’s day of hosting in church, and what we do normally was greet and welcome people coming, usher them to their seats and distribute bulletins etc… it’s actually quite boring – standing there and just smile. This day was no difference, until about 10 minutes into worshipping, the pretty host leader approached me and asked whether I was ok with handling kids. Help is wanted in Discovery Land where children aged 4-12 discover God in creative and engaging way, and would I be able to help. I was ok with it, but still a little apprehensive and worried I may not know how to act in front of those inquisitive kids who always like to ask creative questions. I was briefed on what to do there, but wasn’t prepared for an impromptu skid I had to perform with another member. My mind went blank and the whole time was going through what to say. Only the 2 of us, but we managed to make the kids laugh from our little performance – we had to be rude to each other in the first scene, then the correct approach in 2nd scene. After, the Nursery teacher will teach them about Gentleness and Graciousness.

It was fun experience, singing along, clapping and jumping with them doing all kinds of actions. I had enjoyed every minute of it, even bringing them in and out of toilets. It was actually quite funny when after one of them had gone into the cubicle, I said I would wait outside. I was holding on to the closed door so that it won’t slide open, and the girl must have seen my hand on top the door, said, “Sister Sally, you don’t have to hold the door, because I have locked it inside.”


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  1. It’s been some time since I last read your posts. Interesting reading them. A way to lift myself up today.

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