Sunday Salon: New Year 2009 Reads

Yesterday I finished reading “The Oxford Murder” by Guillermo Martinez, which was a Bookcrossing ray I joined last year.  Very enjoyable read, though I do not have the head for numbers, I definitely have learnt something about Phythagora’s theorem, and what is a monard, vesica piscis etc…  It’s a perfect crime, as what the book says, was not one that remained unsolved, but one where the wrong person was blamed.  In the end the truth was told, only after the police case was closed thinking another person was the murderer.  Interesting read, though I skipped those maths and codes analysis chapters.

Another book was “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.  It’s about a father-and-son’s journey together on a lonely road together after an apocalyptic event.  It’s a love hate book, as some may not like the style of writing which has no mention about what really happened for them to start that journey, but it’s actually the process that intrigues me to carry on reading, and how they struggle to survive in a world no longer capable of sustaining life.  Along the way, they have to avoid running into militants and cannibals.  Once they came upon an underground cell with refugees locked there crying for help, yet they couldn’t do anything to help them.  These refugees are there waiting to be eaten.  Like one bookcrosser said it’s a dog eat dog world when the society has completely broken down.  The journey also shows the love between father and son, and in the end the father finally succumbs to the illness that has plagued him from the beginning and died leaving the boy alone to continue his own journey.  The whole book is a sad read. 

Heard that the film adaption was good, Going to watch it, and compare with the book.  Also because the father was portrayed by Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings).  This will be the 2nd movie I watched by the actor.


Now I’m starting on “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom.  Seems there’s also a movie on it, starring Jeannette Clift as Corrie, Julie Harris as Betsie and Arthur O’Connell as Papa Ten Boom.  Never heard of these names.  This complete and unabridged copy came all the way from Northern Canada, with a letter written in the midst of very bitter cold spell at a -28c.  I’m so glad and at the same time touched reading the letter.  Though it’s really very different from Singapore where it’s summer most of the time, I can imagine how cold it’s like.  Lately the wind here is also uncommonly strong and the air is also quite cold.  Though our hair is ruffled when outside, I still like the cool air as it means going out under the sun is still quite cooling, and we can save on our electricity bill.  And it’s comfortable snuggling in bed in this weather.


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  1. I read The Hiding Place several years ago and was definitely touched. What an amazing story…and what a great witness of God’s protection in the midst of horrible circumstances. There is also another book by Corrie called “A Tramp for the Lord”…tramp being used in the “homeless person” sense. If you’re interested, I could save it out for you…but it will be awhile as I’ve just packed it in one of the TBR boxes that I’m setting aside to open after we move! 🙂


  2. Oh yes, would love to read more about Corrie & her family – no problem in waiting. It’s so sad and emotional, not something to read at the workplace 😦
    Going to get the film adaptation to watch also, hopefully I can still find it.

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