The Duggar Family

A colleague sent me this link about an amazing family, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, who are blessed with 18 children; with their 18th child just born last month on the 18th Dec 2008.  And as a family project the Duggars has built a 7000 sq. ft. home debt free for their household of 20 members.  And looking at the house, it’s like a country club, hotel, church, game arcade and every other facilities you can think of all under one roof.  How nice to live in such a fine & comfortable house every single day.  Wonder if the children go to school, as I believed they will also have a school-room in their home if they are home-taught.  What a happy family.

Check out the photos to view their 7000 sq. ft. home in the US.  It’s real big and spacious.


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  1. Hi! I just finished reading the book that the Duggar’s just put out. It was such a great inspiration! We are working on our own large family with our sixth to be born in just a few weeks…it was really great to learn from this wonderful and patient woman!

    They do homeschool and I believe that they have added a space specifically for homeschooling. I would love to have our own little school room…but right now we just use the kitchen table! 🙂

    It’s so great to hear someone else singing the praises of large, blessed families! I find that I hear 20 negatives for every positive concerning our large family and decision to homeschool…and it’s really discouraging! 😦

    Thanks for your thoughtful post!


  2. Thanks for posting. Congrats on your no.6. You are just as amazing as the Duggar’s family. Not everyone can accept the homeschooling concept, prob because it’s still quite new & personal time is being sacrificed. There are families who prefer to throw their children to the teachers to discipline & nurture them instead, then they can go work or do their own stuff. A lot of discipline is required but it can be fun learning in a happy environment which is free and easy. Just like the unusual school Totto-chan went 🙂

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