New Year Resolutions 2009

3 more weeks to go before Chinese New Year, and I’m already starting on my first resolution of the year to lose some weight (By the way it’s always the same every year).  Hopefully when the festive season comes, even if not model-slim I would still be able to fit into some of the clothes which I couldn’t wear previously.

Of course, looking at the piles of books in my room, my next resolution is also to be able to clear away some of the old books before I buy new ones.  I could never resist buying books when visiting a bookstore.  New arrived books are always on the shelf faster than my reading them.   My room is already a place of disaster, with so many things lying around everywhere, and it’s really time to clear away the mess and clutters.

As CNY is approaching, I have to start spring cleaning the whole house.  I have packed away loads of plastic bags full of mess from my room which include flyers, brochures, Reader’s Digest personal letters and other stuff which I have accumulated over the year and never discard immediately.  Just the other day I was trying to move a small table to the side of my bed, in my enthusiasm I forgot there’s a drawer at the front.  Imagine I was carrying up the table and out came the drawer and down crashed onto my left foot – Bang!  Ouch, it’s painful.  Thank God after that I could still walk, though with a blue-black still vivid until now.

And 2 days before this incident, I was also trying to take down an IKEA plastic shelf from my built-in book shelf.  Down came all the paper-bags which I collect, and struck my head and face.  No damage done, just wonder what’s next to come.

Well, days before Chinese New Year are always the busiest time for us, as it’s a major holiday for the Chinese family, and there’s a lot of preparation to be done.  A lot of cleaning up to do, getting new furnishings to the house, buying decorations and goodies etc…  And our kitchen ceiling is also showing signs of cracks and raining spalling concrete, so it’s also time to get contractors to do repair works and put a new coat of paint to the whole place, so to be ready for the celebration.

So back to my NY resolutions, hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill at least the above 2 first before they become unfulfilled resolutions again next year, then set new ones after.  Just wonder why the beginning of the New Year always has this strange hold over us, huh?  There’s always an impetus to start afresh, break old habits, do things better and achieve more goals in life etc.  Whatever the reasons, let me wish everyone, regardless of race, nationality and culture, a good year ahead and a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year, and hope that God will let the economic tsunami pass in an exciting New Year.


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