Sunday Salon: Reading Block

Have been slow in reading lately, due to work and a lot of activities going on until there’s no way in setting aside time to read.  Am trying to finish reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult and send it off to the next reader waiting in line, but keeps putting off reading only a few pages.  The pace is real slow.  It has nothing to do with the book. The subject of the book is interesting – about suicide pact between two teenagers.  I have definitely enjoyed reading it and wanting to know more about what happened next, but just couldn’t continue fast enough.

The other day I had this funny nightmare.  It’s not scary and took only 5mins or less for it to be over.  I was sleeping turning to my right hand side, and suddenly I woke in the middle of the night and found my feet unable to move. I quickly turned over and saw this shadow in the shape of a book hovering above my bed (Haha… my friends laughed at me and said I have spent too much time reading and have become crazy). Perhaps it’s really true I have spent too much time in bookcrossing related activites. Anyway, I hope I’ll soon pick up the momentum in reading, and spend my time more wisely.

I have recently bought some movies which I hope to be able to watch soon – The Amazing Grace, The Other Boleyn Girl (I had read the book), and Blood Diamond about the Sierra Leone war and child soldiers.  Was introduced to this movie by a fellow bookcrosser after reading A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beal.


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  1. Your dream sounds scary to me. I love books, but I don’t want them watching me.

  2. Prob it’s a case of in the day we reverie, in the night we dream. Luckily it’s not the library policeman 😉

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