No Limits – The all surpassing power of the Holy Spirit

Learnt from our last week’s sermon on the topic of the surpassing power of the Holy Spirit that in 1900 Dec 13th, a group of believers gathered in a building in USA, Topeka Kansas, reading on the Acts chapter when an Agnes Ozman asked the pastor to lay hands on her, and before he’d said out 3 words, Agnes immediately was speaking in a different language, which was known later that it was the Chinese language. For 3 days she was not able to speak in English, only wrote in Chinese characters. It was said that she’s considered by many to be the the first person to speak in tongues and her experience had sparked the modern Pentecostal-Holiness movement, which began in the early 20th century. Wanted to read more about what happened, and found some related books on the internet which I hope I could get hold of and read.

Also about the Azusa Street Revival about an African American Pastor, William J. Seymour who had arrived in Los Angeles in 1906, how his congregation was previously at 214, Bonnie Brae Street, then moved to a dilapidated building at 312, Azusa Street because at the previous location, not able to withstand the increasing numbers of attendees the porch fell.

If anyone of you have read these books, what about sharing with me what your thoughts are. I like reading reviews and comments.


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