The Dead Room (Heather Graham)

This the first time I read a Graham’s book. I’ve enjoyed this kind of paranormal stuff with murder and suspense all weaved in. It’s like the show “Ghost Whisperer”, and the author has written the protagonist in this story as an archaelogist whose job is digging up bones, so it seems most appropriate for her to be able to see the dead and communicate wiith them. But I’m not sure I like the ending. Though I like Matt, I like Joe as well, so I feel a bit disappointed the ending turns out the way it is. Yet it’s still a happy ending. And the part about the dead composer’s music papers found behind the walls – there’s no satisfactory closure on what was being done and what happened after. But overall it’s a good read from start to the end. It’s a page-turner and it will keep you in suspense until the very end. I didn’t treat it as a romance, but more a thriller and ghost story. If it had been completely a romance story, don’t think I’ll even read it.


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