Love Above All

I’m so glad to receive a package in the mail from the RBC ministries. They sent me this “Quest for the Aucas – The Spiritual Legacy of Five Missionary Martyrs” DVD which I have previously requested for and thought they have forgotton about it.

I have previously watched the musical performance “Love Above All” at the University Cultural Centre, about 5 young missionaries killed savagly by the Aucas in Ecuador in 1956 when they tried to befriend these jungle tribal people to bring the Gospel to them, and therefore wanted to watch the real thing. Have also bought these below 2 books at the musical.

Both these 2 books are on my Bookcrossing shelf:

I came to know about this tragic story only after reading “Through Gates of Splendor”, and felt very sad how innocent lives were being taken just like that when they merely wanted to reach out to these Waodani warriors and befriend them, men from the most savage culture known only for hunting and killing.  Yet their wives could forgive their enemies and returned to the Ecuadorian jungles to face their husbands’ murderers with the power of God’s love instead of bitterness and anger.  Jesus said in Matthew 5:44 to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven.  Just wonder how easy can this be especially when innocent blood is wantonly shed?

And now in this “End of the Spear” written by Steve Saint, it’s about how Steve and his family went back to live with the Waodani warriors who killed his father Nate Saint and 4 other friends, and also on reconcilation how he comes to know what really happened on that fateful day in 1956. Did these missionaries really have to die?

Nate’s sister Rachel also went back to the tribe, befriended them and stayed there till a ripe old age, died and requested to bury there with his jungle family, at the same place her beloved bro Nate was killed and buried with the other 4 missionary friends. She came to love her Waodani family like her own, same as Steve & his family who didn’t want to leave.

Something unexplained & miraculous happened right after the spearing, and this convinced those killers that what they had done was bad. Read and find out. As well as the sorrows and heartache Steve & his own family had to go through. It’s really a fascinating and compelling read.


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