Fear Factor

This was the topic during our last weekend’s sermon at Trinity. It’s about faith, fear and building a lasting legacy in our life. Do not leave without a trace. God is calling us to build upon our Christian foundation, by touching lives and impacting destinies; by building God’s house and serving passionately. Yet, everytime God asks us to come out from our comfort zone, we run away. Just like Moses, the fear factor kicked in everytime God asked him to do something.

What came into my mind was the reality game show with the same title, where all the participants had to compete against each other to complete a series of dangerous stunts or eating disgusting and gory stuff to see who is the bravest and fastest to win the grand prize of big money?It seems that money does wonders to conquer fear, for these people come out from their comfort zone and brave all kinds of dangers and dread to do what they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Was it the prize money or they did what God wanted them to do – to be committed and dream bigger dreams and think things irrational? Didn’t Jesus ever told Jairus, whose daughter Jesus raised from the dead, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5:36) Did the contestants really believed they could do it, no matter how irrational it was? No, we don’t go after irrational acts; but we can conquer irrational fear to do the rational deed of sharing the Good News. When it comes to the matter of faith, God has put new possibilities in us. Just like in Exodus 3 & 4, when God commanded Moses to throw his staff to the ground, God was teaching Moses not to trust in his own strength and wisdom but to lean on God and be humble. Immediately the staff turned into a serpent, and God asked him to reach out his hand and took hold of the snake by its tail, and it turned back into a staff in his hand. The staff symbolises faith. By faith, Moses discarded his fear and new possibilities emerged for him.

What about in the David and Goliath story in 1 Sam 17 where everyone was afraid of the giant? Frequently, we are totally paralysed by a fear factor in our life too. The giants in our life – Financial, Education, Relationship, Employment, Death – put us off doing many things that we ought to do. All the giants are the same in God’s eyes. We are told not to be intimidated by them. We should not be paralysed by the fear factor. We’ve got the name of the Lord God Almighty in our hands. We have faith in the Lord God Almighty in Heaven. So, as Christians, we are liberated from the fear factor. There is nothing to fear. Have faith in whatever we do and we shall conquer the odds.

In John 6:1-13, God multiplied the small things, until the little boy got his share and more because he did not keep the food for himself. He broke away from the fear factor (of not having enough) by giving his only lunch to Jesus.

In 1 Kings 17:13, Elijah said, “Don’t be afraid”. Elijah addressed the fear factor that would rob the miracles and blessings from us. Elijah was teaching the widow, “God first, not me first”. He will never fail us.

Moses established the legacy when he threw the rod on the ground.

The little boy established the legacy when he gave his only bread to Jesus.

The widow of Zarephath established the legacy when she used her limited oil & flour to make Elijah a small cake first before preparing for her family.

I would like to share with you this book, “Moving On and Moving Up” by Naomi Dowdy, which I like very much. It’s about transitions in life and how to determine and make changes necessary to move to a new level. It’s an inspiring read for wisdom and knowledge.




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