Another Vivid Dream I Had

This was 1-2 years before that “mousy” dream I had. The dream was so vivid that until today I could still remember it.

I was in front of a faregate (like those in MRT stations), with police standing around to check our particulars. A wall behind this faregate blocked the view of what was inside. Once I passed through and turned right, a big airport came into view. It was a very beautiful airport no words could describe and so big. It was not our Changi Airport; yet, in the dream I knew I was in Singapore. In the dream I was very happy, and I greeted everyone I saw. The happiness exuded from me naturally. The first person I met in the dream was a Caucasian lady at one of the seats. I greeted her and even remembered what I said to her “big huh?” (Referring to the airport.)

After this I saw on my left a very big aquarium-like swimming pool in open air, encased with glass. Sunlight shone directly into the pool. There were different sea creatures swimming inside – those you see in the movie Nemo. Nemo was one of them, and they were all dressed in colourful coats. There were people standing around watching. In fact, the whole airport was brightly lit like a golden ray. It was a very cheery dream and I was very happy in it. The dream was so vivid that when I woke up I could still remember every detail.
Could this be heaven? The whole place was filled with golden light and so beautiful no words could describe. Maybe God was pushing me on, and trying to remind me that my citizenship is in heaven. Those who believe in Christ are on a journey of personal growth that is to last a lifetime. He’s telling me that we are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, that’s why the airport vision?


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